Appear as a Delegation at Council

Any individual who wishes to appear before a Council or a Committee meeting may request to do so by notifying the Clerk's Department.

Delegations must register with the Clerk by 12:00 p.m. on the Wednesday preceding the Council meeting. He/she shall provide to the Clerk the completed prescribed form in writing by hand-delivering a written request, by facsimile or by electronic mail his/her name, reason for the delegation and, if he/she is representing any organization, the name of the agency or other such body.

Each delegation is allowed one spokesperson and shall be limited to one appearance at either Council or Committee of the Whole. Each delegation will be allowed a maximum of 10 minutes to address Council. At council's discretion, this time may be reduced or extended. The delegation may speak to a specific item only once unless additional information is being presented. If additional persons request to speak, they do so only with the permission of the presiding officer.

The inclusion of a delegation on the Council agenda shall be determined on a first-come basis and be limited to two delegations per meeting. The Clerk shall give regard to the length of the agenda when reducing or eliminating the delegations at that meeting.

The Clerk, or designate, may direct that a deputation be received by the committee of the whole on a particular matter rather than addressing Council directly.

Please note that all correspondence submitted will form part of the public record and will be published when this matter is  before Council or a Committee of Council. 

Delegation Request Form

For more information, please contact:
Director of Administration/Clerk
613-925-2812, ext. 6225

Delegations shall not:

  • address members directly without permission;
  • interrupt any speaker or action of the members, or any other person addressing the members;
  • display or have in their possession picket signs or placards in the Council chambers;
  • speak disrespectfully to any person;
  • use offensive words;
  • disobey a decision of the presiding officer;
  • enter into cross debate with other delegations, members of the general public, staff members, or the presiding officer.
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