Animal Control

Animal Control By-Law

Animal control enforces by-laws relating to animals in the Town of Prescott. For more information about animal control Bylaws, visit Animal Control Bylaw 05-2021.

The Town of Prescott limits the number of dogs per household to three (3) or four (4) cats with a combined household maximum of five (5) dogs and cats.

Pet Licensing & Tags

Every owner of any dog/cat in the Town of Prescott requires a yearly pet tag. The licenses are to be renewed in January of each year or when a new pet is obtained.  

A pet license is the municipality's way of ensuring your pet is protected if they become lost. The revenue collected from pet tags offsets some of the costs the Town pays for the services of an animal control officer. When the animal control officer is called to pick-up a stray animal, the officer will capture the dog or cat and provide it food and shelter until the owner can be contacted. If you do not have a pet license, it could mean that your pet may not be returned to you.

Help us to make sure that all pets return home safe and sound.

Pet Tag Prices

Pet tags are required for all dogs and cats in your household. Tags can be purchased in-person at the Town Hall, 360 Dibble Street West, or by phone with credit card payment by calling 613-925-2812 ext. 6200.

  • Regular Dog Tag: $20.00
  • Regular Cat Tag: $20.00
  • Tag Renewal (no new tag): $18.00
  • Lost/Replacement Tag: $5.00

Pets found without a license are subject to a $110.00 fine.

Animals At Large

  • Owners must ensure that their animals are secure and under control at all times.
  • An animal is considered to be ‘running at large’ if the owner/designate does not have immediate control of the animal and/or when it is found in any place other than on the owner’s premises.
  • If your animal is found running at large you may be fined up to $110.00 and the animal could be seized or destroyed if it is found to be necessary for safety and/or humane reasons.
  • Anyone may capture an animal running at large and trespassing on their property and can notify the By-Law Department, who will then arrange to pick-up the animal and either impound it or return it to the owner.

Rabies Vaccination Clinics

The Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit offers low-cost rabies vaccination clinics in Prescott. The clinics are held annually in September at the Public Works Garage, located at 950 Sophia Street.

Stay tuned for the September 2022 rabies clinic schedule.

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