Streets & Sidewalks

The Town’s Operations Division maintains approximately 32 kilometers of roads and 40,617 square metres of sidewalks. Summer and winter maintenance is done on a priority basis as per the provincial road classifications. Whether you are a motorist or a pedestrian, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Town’s road classifications and winter maintenance policy. This will help you to understand which streets and which areas will receive priority treatment during winter events and why.

Our staff is committed to providing safe roads and sidewalks to all who travel them. The Operations Division will assist you if you have a concern about a particular road or sidewalk.

Community Safety Zones

There are four Community Safety Zones located in Prescott. They are located on Edward Street North/Victor Road, Boundary Street/Churchill Road East, McAuley Road/Woodland Drive and Edward Street South/James East. These areas are clearly marked with signage.

Community Safety Zones are sections of roadway where public safety is of special concern. The purpose of a Community Safety Zone is to let motorists know they are within a safety zone and fines are increased. For more information on road safety click here.

The Town encourages drivers to always practice safe driving behaviour. We also ask you to help convince other drivers (and pedestrians) to be responsible too. Contact the Ontario Provincial Police to report dangerous and aggressive drivers to the police.

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