Museum & Visitor Centre

At the Museum and Visitor Centre, you will discover the story of Prescott, ON as you tour through the thematic displays in our exhibit space, which currently include:

Prescott's Beginnings

Prescott's Military Heritage

Aboriginal History

Industry & Commerce

Medicine Through the Ages

Sports, Recreation and Organizations


Now Open!

Visit the Prescott Museum & Visitor Centre, now open for the season!

Hours of operations:

Sunday: 11am - 5pm 

  • Monday: 11am - 5pm 
  • Tuesday: 11am - 5pm 
  • Wednesday: 11am - 5pm 
  • Thursday: 11am - 5pm 
  • Friday: 11am - 5pm 
  • Saturday: 11am - 5pm 

Visitors to the Town of Prescott can tour the 7 themed exhibits and get a taste of some of Prescott's destination retailers within the Visitor Centre, complete with information material and souvenirs to enhance the visitor experience.

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