Open Air Burning

The Town of Prescott has an Open-Air Burning By-law 11-2008 that shall be followed at ALL times. Property owners should be aware that fires started on their property that violate the Open Air Burning By-Law could result in fines.

Ontario Fire Code, article states, “Open air burning shall not be permitted unless approved, or unless such burning consists of a small, confined fire, supervised at all times, and used to cook food on a grill or a barbeque.”  In the spirit and intent of this provision, small recreation fires in approved containers are permitted without written approval subject to Open-Air Burning By-Law.

Conditions include but not limited to:

  • Fires must be supervised by a responsible person at ALL times until such time the fire is completely extinguished.
  • Fires shall be kept small, safely confined and under control at ALL times
  • Fires shall be kept at least 5m (16.4 feet) away from any combustible material or object (which include any building, structure, shrubs/trees, wood piles, etc.)
  • Outdoor fireplaces shall be an approved container that is constructed of a non-combustible material and have a wire mesh or expanded sheet metal screen covering the open top of the container.
  • Outdoor fireplaces shall be placed on a non-combustible surface such as base mineral soil, bare rock, or cement.
  • A suitable fire suppression source shall be readily available at the burn site at all times.
  • Clean and dry wood products are only to be burned. Brush, yard waste, household garbage, treated/painted lumber, construction debris, plastics, rubber and other similar materials MUST NOT BE BURNED.
  • Burn less than 1 cubic metre of material at a time.
  • Open-air burning must not be conducted during rain or fog (smoke cannot disperse properly), when wind speeds are high or wind direction changes frequently or during burn bans.
  • Common courtesy for your neighbours is expected (clothesline in use, open window, etc.). If we receive a complaint, Prescott Fire Department must respond. If the complaint is deemed legitimate, burning privileges may be revoked and/or charges laid.
The Town of Prescott Fire Department and By-Law enforcement reserves the right to revoke burning privileges and/or order the extinguishment of any fire at its discretion. Residents that fail to comply with By-Law 11-2008 – Open Air Burning could be faced with fines and/or fees for each fire truck that responds to the property to extinguish an unsafe or unlawful fire.

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