Official Plan

The Official Plan is an important planning document in every municipality. This is our long range plan and the road map for how we intend develop the community.

The Official Plan is created through consultation with the community and then approved by the Government of Ontario, after review by several provincial branches. Every community must have an Official Plan. The Plan takes a twenty- year projection into the future and sets policies to direct all decision-making. The Plan is then reviewed and updated every 5 years.

The Official Plan is more general in its language and broad sweeping in its designation of areas in town for different types of development. However, once the Plan is adopted, the detailed site-specific zoning is adjusted to conform to the, and then every decision of Council and every policy we create should support the goals set out in that plan.

Other sub-plans are created to support the Official Plan such as the Comprehensive Zoning By-law and the Community Improvement Plan.

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