Key Sectors

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Prescott is home to advanced manufacturing facilities, cutting-edge technologies and innovative warehousing and shipping solutions that are setting the region apart as a destination for business.  Blend that with a vibrant tourism and retail economy and you've got a winning combination.


Home to manufacturing leaders like Northern Cables & Next Polymers, as well as small and strategic producers that are using today’s technology to make their mark on a wide variety of markets, Prescott’s manufacturers are diverse, driven and keen to leverage every advantage associated with their proximity to the US.

Transportation & Logistics

Prescott stands at the forefront for meeting high demands and providing optimal efficiencies for intermodal transportation and logistics. Our most notable advantages include:

  • Kriska Transportation Head Office/Main Terminal Location
  • Proximity to Canada-U.S. border via Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge
  • Immediate access to the Port of Johnstown deepwater port
  • Adjacent to Highway 401 & U.S. Interstate system
  • 2 International airports within a 1-hour drive (Ottawa & Ogdensburg)

Tourism & Retail

Explorers can take in superb attractions, sights and events at every turn, throughout the seasons.

Our visitor economy is growing; strong in entrepreneurial spirit and a great sense of community.  Prescott is supporting destination development efforts and cultivating compelling experiences, to drive our growing tourism sector. 

Emerging Sectors

Sectors like technology and innovation, professional/scientific, automation, engineering, construction, and utilities are all thriving in Prescott. Growth in these and other emerging sectors is set to continue with the diverse advantages offered by our region.

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