Economic Development/Tourism Strategy & Land Development/Needs Analysis

January 2022 - Prescott & Augusta Endorse Joint Economic Development Strategies & Land Development/Needs Study

A special joint meeting of Prescott & Augusta Council’s was held on January 31st, 2022, to receive and endorse the recommendations of a joint Economic Development Strategy and Land Development & Needs Analysis Study. Distinct five-year Economic Development Strategies were also developed and recently endorsed by Augusta & Prescott in support of this joint initiative.

These strategies will serve as the blueprint for economic development activities throughout Prescott & Augusta over the next five years. Municipal partners are developing joint and individual implementation plans and performance measures, to deliver on the immediate and long-term strategic priorities moving forward. 

Key project outcomes:

1) Two Distinct 5-year Economic Development Strategies developed for the Town of Prescott and Township of Augusta. Priority areas, actions and ongoing performance measures have been identified for individual pursuit under each of these strategies.

2) Joint Economic Development Action Plan outlining collaborative actions across the Township of Augusta and the Town of Prescott, in the following priority areas:
a. Business Retention and Expansion
b. Investment Attraction
c. Tourism Development and Resident Attraction

3) Joint Land Development/Needs Analysis to identify appropriate lands for future growth and provide for municipal infrastructure/servicing requirements.

Project News Release - Feb 7-2022

Learn more and view the completed studies below.

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