The Prescott Library aims to deliver valuable services to our whole community.  Offering a broad range of services and programs on a regular basis, as well as providing an online catalogue, there is an option available for everyone. 


Some of the services our library offers are;

  • Inter-Library Loans (free of charge from any library in Ontario and from some Colleges and Universities)
  • Faxing, scanning, printing and making copies
  • Computers with up to date programs like Adobe, MicroSoft Suite and the Library Edition of Ancestory!
  • Meeting spaces for both large and small groups
  • Various drop-in groups like; StoryTime with EarlyOn, Dungeons and Dragons, The Scribble Society (writing group), Saturday Lego and book club
  • Proctoring Exams
  • Assistance in filing out online government forms (replacing a birth certificate, SIN card, renewing a health card or driver’s licence)
  • Book drop off and pick up if you are unable to visit in person
  • Museum passes
  • Map Sacks
  • Provincial Park passes
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