Top 10 Questions About Living in Prescott

1. How do garbage collection, recycling and yard waste services work?

Click here for everything you need to know including schedules, policies and where to get bags and blue boxes. 

2. What are the local schools and how can we get our children registered?
Click here for a listing of area schools and links to each school board office. 

3. How do we find a doctor or access other health services?
Click here for a list of local doctors and a host of health services available in the area. 

4. Are there service clubs and organizations we can join?
Click here for a list of our local clubs and community organizations. 

5. What real estate and financial services are available locally?
Click here for a list of local realtors, banks and other financial services.

6. What recreational facilities are available?
Click here for contact information for services like the library, arena, marina, tennis courts and the Walker House Centre of Older Adults.

7. How do we set up our municipal services and utilities?
Click here for contact information for all the home services you require such as water & sewer services from the Town, electricity from Rideau-St.Lawrence Utilites, gas from Union Gas, Mail from Canada Post and more.

8. Where is the town hall and how does the local government work?
Click here for information about your local government and to see agendas and minutes from town meetings and the by-laws residents need to know.

9. What are the local property taxes?
Click here for local property tax information.

10. Where can we shop and eat in town?
Click here for the Restaurants Directory.
Click here for the Business Directory.