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Tax Policy & Important Information

The Town of Prescott issues tax bills twice a year. The interim bill, issued in early February is based on 50% of the total taxes of the previous year.  After Council approves the annual budget, tax rates are set and final tax bills issued.

Interim tax bills are issued the first week in February and due February 28th, 2019 in one installment.

If you have not received your tax bill by February 20th, 2019, please call the Town Hall at (613) 925-2812, ext. 6211.


To view the taxes for the last five years in the Town of Prescott, please select a year below:

 2014 Tax Rates
 2015 Tax Rates
 2016 Tax Rates
 2017 Tax Rates
 2018 Tax Rates

To see the impact on an average home, please click on the tabs below:

 2011/2012 Impact Comparison
 2011/2012 Impact Comparison
 2012/2013 Impact Comparison
 2012/2013 Impact Comparison
 2013/2014 Impace Comparison
 2013/2014 Impact Comparison

Change of Ownership and/or Address:

Please notify the tax office in writing if you have recently purchased a property or if your mailing address is changed. If you have sold your property, please forward the tax bill to the new owner or return it to the tax office. Failure to receive a tax bill will not invalidate penalty and interest charges.

Mortgage companies: Only ONE tax bill is issued per billing. If a mortgage company or agent pays the tax bill on your behalf, it is your responsibility to forward it to them. The Town mails receipts to the owner after payment by the mortgage company.

Late payment penalty: A penalty of 1.25% for late payment is added the day following the due date and the first day of each month thereafter.

Payment methods available: Payments will be received by mail or in person at the Town Hall, 360 Dibble St. West. Payment type accepted: cash, interac, cheque or money order. Payment by credit card is not accepted. Please bring the entire tax bill and your payment will be receipted. Payment can also be made in person at most financial institutions on or before the due date, subject to any applicable fees of the financial institution. Internet or telephone bank payments are accepted. Input the 8-digit tax account number on your tax bill.

For further information, contact the Tax Office at 613-925-2812 ext. 6211.

For further information regarding taxes, please click on the tabs below:

 How are taxes calculated?
Your taxes are calculated by multiplying the municipal tax rate by your assessed value plus the school tax rate by your assessed value. Other factors such as capping and rebates are part of the calculation for many commercial and industrial properties. For a more complete explanation of your specific taxes, you can call our tax collector at (613) 925-2812 ext. 6211.
 Property Assessment
For information on how the value of your property is assessed, you can find information at the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation website or call them at 1-866-296-6722.
 Municipal Tax Rate
Council sets the tax rate each year based on the municipal budget. For information on the municipal budget click here.