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Privacy Policy

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Corporation of the Town of Prescott ("the Town") is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals.

The collection, use, retention, disclosure and destruction of personal information, online or offline, by municipalities is governed in part by the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. In addition, the Town is monitoring the evolution of federal and provincial legislation specific to online privacy and is committed to conformance with any regulations applicable to municipal governments, including Canada's anti-spam legislation which came into effect on July 1, 2014.

Website definition

The Town defines website for the purpose of this policy as any material -- images, documents and content --on See also Website Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

We offer you choices

Information and services available through the Town of Prescott corporate Website can be obtained in other ways.

Each case may be dependent on the nature of the content or transaction. We make an effort to associate appropriate alternate contact and delivery information with specific information and services throughout the Website.

Notification of changes

The Town may modify this policy from time to time. If that happens, notification of such changes will be posted along with the latest version of this privacy statement.

Web analytics

The Town and Google Analytics collect data each time a visitor enters the Town of Prescott website.


By using Google Analytics with other data and data mining techniques, the Town may be able to identify users on an individual basis. However, this is not the Town's intent. The Town will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the privacy of all visitors remains confidential and anonymous.

Stored by the Town

The above information is automatically collected by the Town's web server, filter and firewalls. This information is collected and stored electronically and the length of storage is currently under review. Access to this information is restricted and is not accessible to general staff or the public.

Stored by Google

Google collects information for the delivery of website statistics and analytics. Please refer to the Google Privacy Policy for more information.

Google currently offers a free Google Analytics opt-out tool for Internet Explorer (versions 7 and 8), Google Chrome (4.x and higher), Mozilla Firefox (3.5 and higher), Apple Safari and Opera.

Analytics are used by the Town to collect statistical data about visitors as a whole and not to identify specific individuals.

Information collected may include:

Information collected for web analytics and stored by Town or Google:  


Information collected


Stored by Town


Stored by Google


Internet Service Provide IP Address



Name of Internet Service Provider



Operating system, Web browser information, Internet connection speed,   screen colours and resolutions, flash and java versions



Date and time of visit



Pages accessed on the Town of Prescott Website




Data security and online payments

We are committed to the security of personal information we may collect online or offline. We have taken reasonable precautions to protect this personal information from loss, misuse or alteration. Any third parties who may have roles in managing such information on behalf of the Town are also committed to the same principle.

Links to other websites

This website has links to outside web pages or websites operated by third parties. We have tried to make it clear that some links will take you away from our site and to other sites we do not control.

Our privacy policy does not apply to the third party sites we link to. Please review the policies of these sites upon your arrival.

Website Disclaimer and Terms of Use

The website of the Town, located at, is provided for information purposes only. The Town does not accept any responsibility for reliance thereon. The Town does not make any representations or warranty, express or implied, in relation to the Web site including without limitations, as to the quality, merchantability and fitness for any use. Further, the Town does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of this information, nor is it responsible for any expenses or damages incurred directly or indirectly resulting from the use of this information. Please check with Town staff for the most up to date information.

The Town makes every effort to ensure that the material provided herein is current and the Town reserves the right to change notices or descriptions without advanced warning. In the case that information physically available at Town Hall, located at 360 Dibble Street, Prescott, Ontario, is in discrepancy with information made available at the Web site, users of the Web site are hereby given notice that the physical material located at Town Hall shall govern as correct and overrides material contained within the website. It is always in the best interest of the viewers of the Town's website, when in doubt, to contact the Town to ensure timely receipt of accurate information.

All of the material provided in this website is the sole property of the Town and cannot be duplicated in whole or in part without the express written permission of the Town or its legal representatives. Duplication in whole or in part constitutes a breach in copyright.