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Human Resources

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Human Resource Services enables the Town to achieve its service and business objectives through an effective and efficient workforce.  HR is responsible for establishing and guiding management and staff  in the development and implementation of policies and procedures governing recruitment, job evaluation, pay and benefits, terms and conditions of employment, training and development, health and safety, performance management, succession planning, workforce planning and reporting, and building collaborative employee and labour relations.

 Human Resources Policies & Procedures Manual

Human Resources Policies & Procedures Manual Table of Contents


HR-100-01 General


HR-200-01 Employee Confidentiality Statement

HR-200-02 Employee Code of Conduct

HR-200-03 Recruitment

HR-200-04 Employee Concerns

HR-200-05 Employee Information

HR-200-06 Employee Job Descriptions

HR-200-07 Personnel Records

HR-200-08 Orientation

HR-200-09 Appropriate Use, Case, and Security of Electronic Resources

HR-200-10 Dress Code

HR-200-11 Criminal Record Background Check (CPIC)

HR-200-12 Employees Driver's License


HR-300-01 Discipline

HR-300-02 Termination

HR-300-03 Retirement


HR-400-01 Leave of Absence

HR-400-02 Military Reservist Leave

HR-400-03 Inclement Weather


HR-500-01 Employee Service Recognition Program

HR-500-02 Employee Assistance Program

HR-500-03 Performance Management Program

HR-500-04 Training and Development

HR-500-05 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Prevention


HR-600-01 Occupational Health & Safety

HR-600-02 Workplace Violence & Workplace Harassment Policy

HR-600-02 Workplace Harassment/Bullying Prevention (Consolidated with HR-600-02)

HR-600-02  Domestic Violence Prevention (Consolidated with 600-02 & 600-03)

HR-600-03  Workplace Discrimination Prevention

HR-600-04 Investigation Procedure

HR-600-07 Management of Substance Abuse

HR-600-08 Workplace Accomodation


HR-700-01 Non-Union Terms & Conditions of Employment - General

HR-700-02 Categories of Non-Union Employees

HR-700-03 Vacation

HR-700-04 Statutory/Paid Holidays

HR-700-05 Bereavement Leave

HR-700-06 Pregnancy/Parental Leave

HR-700-07 Jury / Witness Leave

HR-700-08 Short Term Disability (Sick Leave)

HR-700-09 Employee Benefits

HR-700-10 Long Term Disability

HR-700-11 Pension Plan

HR-700-12 Non-Union Hours of Work

HR-700-13 Non-Union Overtime

HR-700-14 Non-Union Salary Administration

HR-700-15 Dispute Resolution

HR-700-16 Merger or Amalgamation




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