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The Town of Prescott is organized into the following departments. Please click on the tabs below to learn more, navigate pages containing additional information, and to contact the relevant staff members.

For a directory of staff members, please click here.

 Chief Administrative Officer
The CAO is the highest ranked staff position in the Corporation, and is responsible for the overall management of the Town of Prescott's operations, programs, services and assets.

Matthew Armstrong was appointed CAO in May 2018. Prior to that, Mr. Armstrong served as the Treasurer for the Town, a key position that involves overseeing the annual Town budget process, and ensuring the Town maintains a strong financial position.

Each department of the Town has a director or manager, and these positions all report to the CAO. His principal role is to work closely with his management group to plan and review all activities, issues, and programs that impact municipal operations and the public good. The CAO also ensures that all appropriate matters are brought to Town Council for review and approval.

For more information, please contact:

Matthew Armstrong 
360 Dibble Street West
Prescott ON K0E 1T0
Tel: (613) 925-2812, ext. 6220
Fax: (613) 925-4381

 Corporate Services

Finance is responsible for providing financial reporting systems, policies and procedures, services and support to other Town departments and external entities in order to ensure the Town's operations are effectively managed. 

Please click here to visit the Budget and Finance pages.

Please click here to visit the Taxes page.


Finance staff include the Deputy Treasurer and the Taxation/Revenue Clerk:


Jessica Crawford, Deputy Treasurer

613-925-2812, ext 6215


Nancy Lavallee, Taxation/Revenue Clerk

613-925-2812, ext 6211

 Clerk's Division

The primary role of the Clerk's office is driven by provincial legislation, particularly the Municipal Act, the Municipal Elections Act, the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the Vital Statistics Act, and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

The main functions performed by this division include Council & Committee services, vital statistics, lottery licensing, marriage licensing and officiant services, and Town Elections. The Clerk's office includes Commissioners of Oaths on hand to assist the public. 

This office prepares Council and Committee agendas, minutes, by-laws, resolutions, and legal functions. 


For more information, please contact:

Lindsey Veltkamp, Director of Administration/Clerk

613-925-2812, ext 6225

Kaitlin Mallory, Deputy Clerk
613-925-2812, ext 6209 


 Human Resources

Human Resources services at the Town are overseen by the Chief Administrative Officer.

Please click here to view current Career openings.

 Human Resources Policies & Procedures Manual

Human Resources Policies & Procedures Manual Table of Contents


HR-100-01 General


HR-200-01 Employee Confidentiality Statement

HR-200-02 Employee Code of Conduct

HR-200-03 Recruitment

HR-200-04 Employee Concerns

HR-200-05 Employee Information

HR-200-06 Employee Job Descriptions

HR-200-07 Personnel Records

HR-200-08 Orientation

HR-200-09 Appropriate Use, Case, and Security of Electronic Resources

HR-200-10 Dress Code

HR-200-11 Criminal Record Background Check (CPIC)

HR-200-12 Employees Driver's License


HR-300-01 Discipline

HR-300-02 Termination

HR-300-03 Retirement


HR-400-01 Leave of Absence

HR-400-02 Military Reservist Leave

HR-400-03 Inclement Weather


HR-500-01 Employee Service Recognition Program

HR-500-02 Employee Assistance Program

HR-500-03 Performance Management Program

HR-500-04 Training and Development

HR-500-05 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Prevention


HR-600-01 Occupational Health & Safety

HR-600-02 Workplace Violence & Workplace Harassment Policy

HR-600-02 Workplace Harassment/Bullying Prevention (Consolidated with HR-600-02)

HR-600-02  Domestic Violence Prevention (Consolidated with 600-02 & 600-03)

HR-600-03  Workplace Discrimination Prevention

HR-600-04 Investigation Procedure

HR-600-07 Management of Substance Abuse

HR-600-08 Workplace Accommodation


HR-700-01 Non-Union Terms & Conditions of Employment - General

HR-700-02 Categories of Non-Union Employees

HR-700-03 Vacation

HR-700-04 Statutory/Paid Holidays

HR-700-05 Bereavement Leave

HR-700-06 Pregnancy/Parental Leave

HR-700-07 Jury / Witness Leave

HR-700-08 Short Term Disability (Sick Leave)

HR-700-09 Employee Benefits

HR-700-10 Long Term Disability

HR-700-11 Pension Plan

HR-700-12 Non-Union Hours of Work

HR-700-13 Non-Union Overtime

HR-700-14 Non-Union Salary Administration

HR-700-15 Dispute Resolution

HR-700-16 Merger or Amalgamation

Financial Policies 

FN-100-01 Council, Committee, Local Board Members, and Employee Travel and Expenses Policy 

FN-100-02 Corporate Credit Card Policy


The Operations Department is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Tourism, and the Marina and Harbour. The Operations Department undertakes various duties to ensure the Town of Prescott is running smoothly.

This department is also responsible for organizing and releasing tenders, researching and writing grants, and many other operational tasks.


For more information, please contact:


Nathan Richard, Interim Director of Operations

613-925-2812, ext. 6208 

Cassidy Cameron, Administrative Assistant

613-925-2812, ext 6219


 Building & By-Law Services

Building & By-Law Services at the Town of Prescott is overseen by Shawn Merriman, the Manager of Building & By-Law Services/Chief Building Official.


This office is responsible for overseeing the enforcement of municipal by-laws, the enforcement of Provincial Statutes and regulations under the Building Code, assisting and providing technical and advisory planning services, and the development and maintenance of municipal policies and by-laws as they relate to building and by-law enforcement.


For more information, please contact:

Shawn Merriman, Manager of Building & By-Law Services

613-925-2812, ext. 6206


Samantha Hansen, By-Law Enforcement Officer
613-925-2812, ext. 6205 


Donna Landon, Administrative Assistant

613-925-2812, ext. 6200

 Economic Development, Planning & Tourism Services

Prescott offers great promise for economic development. Housing a unique blend of small town culture with access to larger urban centres, Prescott boasts a population of approximately 4,200 people enjoying the benefits of quality lifestyle, natural heritage, essential services, positive growth, tourism and more.


Planning & Development is here to help residents, developers, builders and others in planning, designing and building a successful community. The department is responsible for Development Approvals, Policy Planning, and Heritage Planning. 


For more information regarding Economic Development, Planning & Tourism services, please contact:

Dana Valentyne, Economic Development Officer

613-925-2812, ext. 6221 

 Fire/Emergency Services

The Prescott Volunteer Fire Department has been serving the town of Prescott, ON, for over 180 years. The department currently provides a wide range of services to the community from fire protection and prevention, search and rescue, to the annual Santa Claus parade. 

There are 25 members on the department who are trained in accident scene management and heavy hydraulic rescue equipment (Jaws of Life) - services most often used on Highway 401. The Fire Prevention committee provides education programs to local schools and youth organizations, as well as fire inspections and training for area businesses. All members of the department are trained in ice and water rescue techniques, a necessity for situations arising on the St. Lawrence River.

The Prescott Fire Department is located at:
302 Centre Street
Prescott, ON
K0E 1T0

For more information, please contact:

Tracy Day, Fire Administrator/CEMC
613-925-4777 (answering service)