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Prescott Heritage Committee

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Citizen participation is essential to heritage conservation. A municipal heritage committee is an advisory committee. Like every advisory committee, a municipal heritage committee can help a community participate more directly in a municipality's decision-making process by broadening the scope of information that goes into a municipality's decision-making process when it is addressing issues that impact a community.

A municipal heritage committee is appointed by and is responsible and accountable to municipal council. It helps its council make decisions on any matter relating to the legal designation and conservation of property of cultural heritage value or interest, including individual properties and heritage conservation districts. 

 2021 Prescott Heritage Committee Members:

Councillor Lee McConnell (Chair)
Sandra Iseman 
Joan Rupert-Barkley
Robert Pelda
Tom Van Dusen
Luis Zelayeta

 Statutory Roles and Responsibilities

The Ontario Heritage Act (s. 28) defines a committee's statutory roles as follows:

  • To advise and assist the council on all matters relating to Part IV (Conservation of Properties of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest) and on the identification of a potential Heritage Conservation District under Part V
  • To advise and assist the council on other heritage matters as the council may specify by by-law.

Under Part IV of the Act, once a municipal heritage committee is established, council is required to consult with it:

  • during the designation process for individual properties and for districts;
  • on applications to alter designated properties;
  • on applications to demolish or remove;
  • on applications to repeal designation by-law;

Specifically under Part IV of the Act, where a municipal heritage committee is established, council is required to consult with the committee:

  • Before giving its intention to designate a property(s. 29 (2);
  • On applications to alter designated properties where the alteration is likely to affect the property's heritage attributes as set out in the by-law designating the property (s. 33 (1)
  • On applications to demolish or remove any building or structure on designated property (s. 34 (1)).
  • On applications to repeal designation by-law: before considering an application from an owner of designated property, to repeal the by-law or part thereof designating the property (s. 31 (2);
  • On easements or covenants: before passing by-laws providing for the entering into of easements or covenants with owners of real property, or interests therein, for the conservation of buildings of cultural heritage value or interest (s. 37 (1));

Under Part V of the Act, once a municipal heritage committee is established, council is required to consult with it:

  • before passing a by-law to define one or more areas as an area to be examined for future designation as a heritage conservation district (s. 40(2)).

The Town of Prescott maintains the Town's Heritage Register which includes designated properties and properties listed under Section 27 of the Ontario Heritage Act. This register also includes a list of properties of heritage interest in Prescott. View the municipal heritage register below.

Municipal Heritage Register
Municipal Heritage Interest Properties