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Municipal Government  

Municipal governments in Ontario are responsible for providing many of the services within their local boundaries that you rely on daily such as:

Municipal governments raise most of the money for financing these services from the property taxes paid by residents and businesses in the local area. Additional funding comes from "user fees" or "non-tax revenue" from the provincial government. 


Property Taxes 

Your municipal government collects property taxes from each property owner. Tenants pay a portion of their landlord's property taxes through their rent.  

The taxes are calculated by multiplying the assessed value of a property by a tax rate. There are two parts to the tax rate:  

  • The municipal tax rate, which is set by your municipal government; and 
  • The education tax rate, which is set by the provincial government.  
  • A municipality can set different tax rates for different classes of property, and the main classes include residential, multi-residential, commercial and industrial.