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Tax Rates

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How are taxes calculated?

Your taxes are calculated by multiplying the municipal tax rate by your assessed value plus the school tax rate by your assessed value. Other factors such as capping and rebates are part of the calculation for many commercial and industrial properties. For a more complete explanation of your specific taxes, you can call our tax collector at (613) 925-2812 ext. 6211.

Property Assessment:

For information on how the value of your property is assessed, you can find information at the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation website or call them at 1-866-296-6722.

Municipal Tax Rate:

Council sets the tax rate each year based on the municipal budget. For information on the municipal budget click here.

2016 Tax Rates
Residential/Farm Municipal 0.01257193
  Education 0.00188000
  Total 0.01445193
Multi-Residential Municipal 0.02334423
  Education 0.00188000
  Total 0.02522423
Commercial Occupied Municipal 0.02489242
  Education 0.01400000
  Total 0.03889242
Commercial Vacant/Excess Municipal 0.01742469
  Education 0.00980000
  Total 0.02722469
Industrial Occupied Municipal 0.03306418
  Education 0.01500000
  Total 0.04806418
Industrial Vacant/Excess Municipal 0.02149172
  Education 0.00975000
  Total 0.03124172
Pipelines Municipal 0.01900099
  Education 0.01180000
  Total 0.03080099
Farmlands Municipal 0.00314298
  Education 0.00047000
  Total 0.00361298
Managed Forests Municipal 0.00314298
  Education 0.00047000
  Total 0.00361298
Commercial New Construction Municipal 0.02489242
  Education 0.01180000
  Total 0.03669242
Industrial New Construction Municipal 0.03306418
  Education 0.01180000
  Total 0.04486418